Personnel safety

NOTE! The recommendations presented on this page were originally prepared in late spring 2020. The national recommendations for the performing arts sector may be complied with where applicable, taking into account the current regional recommendations and restrictions from issued by the authorities. The employer must actively monitor the communications by regionals authorities.

We recommend the elimination of approaches and restrictions that are no longer necessary on the basis of a risk assessment.

The personnel safety section is divided into general and professional subsections

The general section discusses the employer’s responsibilities, risk assessment, cooperation with occupational health services, symptoms of the virus and other issues that concern all employees in general. The general section is intended to be read before the professional recommendations.

The professional subsections focus on specific action proposals for the stage, orchestras, choirs, props, staging, wardrobe and hair and makeup.

Update information

Page updated January 10, 2022: regional restrictions continue.

Page updated October 6, 2021: updated to include a note of the lifting of restrictions and compliance with the recommendations where applicable.